use policy

Online material is subject to copyright as with any other broadcast or print medium. While this site is publicly available, the words and images on are not in the public domain. As such, you may view and download images from the site for personal use but you are not entitled to republish or rebroadcast them without the permission of the photographer.

I support non-commercial and creative use of these photos; individuals and independent bands are welcome to use, adapt or modify images on your website or myspace profile – provided they are attributed to Petra Jane and saved to your server. For commercial websites and any printed use, please do not use images directly from the site. If you do wish to use anything from the site, please send me an email and ask for the uncompressed files and licence to use them. Copying and republishing someone else’s photos without permission is not only theft, it is also very rude.

These draconian rules help me and to keep snapping and keep supporting local music.

Words and images by petra jane unless otherwise noted. Most rights reserved, see terms of use.