about petrajane.com

petrajane.com started as something for idle hands to do, and turned into an obsession: an attempt to capture the chaotic, unpredictable, electrifying brilliance of the Moment – to steal some of the vital essense of each show. This is a scrapbook of the best years of my life, all the fun of the fair, of picnics, parties and especially shows. I love music and gigs and the people that make them happen, the enthusiasts and evangelists. I live to be inspired, enthralled – even righteously indignant. Invite me to your show, send me your new demo, introduce me to your new favourite band. I am, more than anything else, an enthusiast.

My guerilla paparazza photos have recently appeared in Pulp, Vice, Satellite, Nexus, Waikato Times, Art Rocker (UK), Real Groove, Groove Guide, A LOW HUM, and on the covers of Mole Music‘s ‘Go With The Movers’ compilation and This Night CreepsHear A Body Tone EP. I will freelance on interesting projects, especially those which benefit the local independent music community. If you would like to use any of the photographs on this site (high resolution versions for print are available) or propose a project, email me: petra[at]petrajane.com

Words and images by petra jane unless otherwise noted. Most rights reserved, see terms of use.