Avoid New Zealand Couriers: an update

New Zealand Couriers have confirmed that they won’t be refunding the courier ticket after their driver faked my signature and dumped a package out in the rain last month. Their reasoning is that they did provide me with a service – even though it’s not the service I asked for and paid them for – so that’s good enough. A company rep even told me that if I want NZ Couriers them to uphold its obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act, then I’m welcome to take it to court.

And while the company pretends to be ‘very concerned’ at their errant driver’s borderline-criminal behaviour, the same driver is still doing deliveries without a suspension or supervision – even though it turns out he’s been caught faking customers’ signatures on several occasions in the past.

New Zealand Couriers have done nothing to stop this driver faking more signatures and dumping more packages. They’ve made it clear that a bit of fraud isn’t a big deal as far as they’re concerned. And their ‘so sue me’ attitude to the CGA is risible. I gave New Zealand Couriers a chance to put things right and win back my trust in their company, and they did nothing. So now I’m telling you: New Zealand Couriers don’t care that their driver has repeatedly fraudulently signed customers’ signatures. They don’t care if their services aren’t up to the promised standard.They fob off customer complaints about their shoddy service, and absolutely refuse to put things right. Don’t use NZ Couriers. Their drivers have a history of lying and fraud, and the company hasn’t done anything to stop it happening. You can’t trust them.

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  1. Martha Craig says:

    Sigh, I have had some very unsatisfactory experiences with them too, which lead to me ditching them as my courier company. They’re hopeless.

  2. Rob (from New Zealand Couriers) says:

    Hi Petra… so very sorry your experience with New Zealand Couriers has been such a rough one so far…

    I did post some comments attached to your remarks below, we are definitely taking the drivers actions very seriously, and also worked with members of our team to ensure that this type of frustration is avoided for you and other customers in the future.

    There is a great team here… and I am so sorry your experience has been so below average.

    Please have a glance at my comments and do contact me direct if there is anything else I can do.

    Thanks for your time… Rob

  3. Josh says:

    While it’s good to see Rob taking this complaint seriously, it should have been done long before Petra felt the need to post publicly about this. It says a lot about NZ Couriers that they need to wait for someone to post about a problem on the internet before treating it with the seriousness it deserved in the first place.

    Also, Rob: While we have your attention, please do something about your company’s hideous habit of arriving at customer’s houses at 6 am, banging to wake the whole house up, and then dumping the parcel and disappearing before I can make it to the door to sign for it. 6 am is not business hours.

  4. Jeff says:

    Your comments
    These guys are cowboys and do not have any interest in keeping promises. Had an urgent package for delivery from Hm to Auckland. I was assured that it would be delivered by 9 am the following day as at 1230 pm it still hasnt been delivered. Have spoken to numerous staff and Managers last one being Nicky Marsh. They tell me that parcel was given to courier driver at 6.14 am. He has been back to the depot for a third load but they cant tell me when my parcel(in the first load) will be delivered. Dont trust them with anything valuable or important. They dont care and they dont want to help. Pay your money and take your chances with these guys PLEASE USE ANYONE ELSE

  5. Mike says:

    Your comments
    My recent experience with NZ Couriers has been that a parcel clearly addressed to me was taken to the neighbour’s house (we are “a”, they are “b” up the same right of way. The neighbours were not home at the time, but we were. A card advising that the item was to be picked up at the NZ courier depot was left at their door. They tried on several occasions to call NZ Couriers with no reply. Eventually they got through and brought the card to me. I called to pick up the item, only to find that, of the two people in reception, one was on the phone clearly talking business – the other was on a personal phone call. Both could clearly see me – I was standing right next to the one on the personal call. I waited 5 minutes before the person on the personal call finished the call and asked if I needed help. The other person had said “be with you in a minute”. I asked the person on the personal call if they were working or in their lunch break. “Working” was the reply. My response was “I’ve waited 5 minutes while you were on a personal call. I won’t be back”. Not a smile, not even an apology – just a surly look as if I was an inconvenience. Customer service from a company which supposedly prides itself on good service was abysmal from delivery(wrong address) to waiting for a personal call to end. In my view the item should have been delivered to the correct address once the error was made known to the company. Both are fortunate to retain their jobs.

  6. Abby says:

    I’ve had a terrible experience with NZ Couriers. We organised them to collect 2x vanity units & 3 x mirrors equating to 7 boxes. The Auckland driver picked up 4 boxes left the other 3. Never told us until only 4 boxes turned up in New Plymouth. We then had to chase them to find out where the other boxes were. Main issue was one box being a vanity unit had been dropped, breaking into 50 pieces. Its 15kgs so not something you can literally throw into a van!! The New Plymouth manager Angela denied our claim straight away sighting poor packaging of a “high risk” item. This item has travelled some 11,000 kms without an issue. Needless to say the mirrors arrived without a problem. Very disappointed by ‘customer service’ no one ever takes responsibility and they just hide behind their terms & conditions. Will never be using their services again, so BE CAREFUL when employing them for delivery…

  7. petra jane says:

    A Signature Required courier parcel was left in the office mail slot this morning. According to the track ‘n trace, my manager signed it half an hour before she got to work this morning. Guess which courier company.

  8. Hamish Stanaway says:

    I live in an apartment building and have done so for half of my life. In Auckland, most drivers will not even attempt delivery or leave card to calls, instead mailing them. This leaves it for at least a week before you can actually uplift your item and know it has arrived.

    In Wellington, NZ Couriers tell me that they can deliver to my new address, but as it is a secure building and they cannot get in it will be an issue. They said that they cannot call me, as it means the driver will not make a profit on the delivery. I am new to Wellington, I have no family or friends in the City yet. Therefore, I will NEVER receive my item unless I go and pick up my 20kg item from the depot (I don’t have a car either).

    Really terrible company, I fully agree, ANY company except for NZ couriers – they do not even provide the service that they charge you for!

  9. Karen says:

    I am currently trying to get 2 parcels which NZ couriers left “card to call” at my house.
    I have been to the ChCh NZ couriers depo (and sat there for 45mins waiting) and called about 6times.
    They cannot find the items.
    When I suggested that they have lost them they said “oh no they are not lost we just cannot find them”

  10. Cecilia says:

    NZ Couriers again. They lost 2 of my parcels in a week. They searched and failed to locate the missing items. Guess what they did? The courier man changed the status to “delivered” and the date of delivery was a day before the item was confirmed lost. The status on their website 13/1/12 was not yet delivered. 14/1/12 they confirmed it was missing and would try to search for it. 17/1/12 the status was changed to “delivered on 12/1/12″. They will do whatever they can to avoid taking liabilities including non ethical behaviour. During the couple days when they were searching for the missing item, they were polite and kept me informed. Once I pointed out the non ethical issue and complained seriously in an email, they vanished. How could they make false claims that customers have received the parcel when they actually did not? They keep on doing this regardless of the numerous complaints they received. I am really upset with this kind of dishonest traders damaging our business. New Zealand Couriers – I want to take the “New Zealand” part off their name.

  11. Cecilia says:

    Just an update – a senior company representative wrote to me trying to cover up one lie with more lies. After going through all the complaints people made on this company, I have given up reporting the case to their senior management.The letter I received from the senior person proves that I have made the right decision. It has nothing to do with drivers or junior staff. It is the company itself. Hey, my item costs $40. How much are yours? How much have they saved from upsetting customers like this? Money comes and goes but reputation once it is ruined, it hardly comes back. They saved all the money from refunding missing parcels only to buy this title “AVOID NEW ZEALAND COURIERS” Everyone makes mistakes. Customers of course allow lots of room for human errors.An honest apology and a fair refund is all that is needed to keep your customers happy. Customers however do not want to be treated like idiots. Well, welcome myself and all others to our world of “Avoid NZ Couriers”

  12. David says:

    More of the same from NZC.- “we can’t find your address”-despite being on the main street of a major auckland industrial area, lost items, call cards left when at home, and a generally poor attitude to go with the abysmal service. Fobbed off numerous times by rude staff, local operations manager is permanently “unavailable”.
    Don’t waste your money folks.

  13. Damon says:

    Cheers for the warning!! I will personally be avoiding NZC and will go out of my way to make sure others do also. Shame on you New Zealand Couriers and thank you to all those who have taken the time to enlighten the rest of us!

  14. Kiwi guy says:

    My experiance is that they failed to deliver to my house, saying no one was home. I go to the house in front of mine that is empty, there I find a note saying they came. Get. I told them we were at the back, they came again after I called and explained, still the cluts tried the front house. Now I’m pissed. Third time was a charm, I believe the rep herself was so pissed at the driver too that he got an earfull. I thought I would try them again now they were most aware later, they came correctly but ran over my mothers planter box that was clearly visible. They were trying to cut across the grass to our neighbors driveway which they weren’t to do in the first place. I sat in amazement as the driver still tried to accelerate over the planter box though it was stuck under his van. There were pots inside and the sound of them breaking should have stopped him. He slid his wheels and dug holes in the lawn before finally he got over the box with another loud crunch and crash. He then drove away. We called and he was told to go back, he said sorry and that he’d pay for it. Bastard never came back. Shit, this courier bussiness is so bad..

  15. ra says:

    do NOT use this company, impossible to deal with. never get back to you, dont take complaints seriously, told my package was sent back to the depo, wasted my time going there, package not there. Both times I have been home waiting for them to re deliver, both times nothing but a card to say that called , ( but they just stuck in letterbox) Try to make a complaint and every time i call there phone system gets disconnected. What a joke!! still no package.

  16. Timothy says:

    My experience is they don’t even knock on the door, they just put a ‘while you were out’ card in the mailbox and make you go to their depot to pick it up. I don’t of course use these idiots myself, but you have to be careful when ordering things online to make sure it’s not being delivered by new zealand couriers or you may as well just drive to the physical store and eliminate the incompetent middlemen.

  17. ana says:

    The driver get about less then 10% of what u paying for a freight so what u expect?All are the same,and 6am is not business hours yes its but is your house calling a business?
    All the driver is start work at 5am in fact all the company so 6am we will having coffee and breakfast and wait for ya?
    get real,how about paying for an sub60 or dhl and u will get alot more service??

  18. petra jane says:

    What do we expect, Ana? We expect courier companies to perform the service they’ve been paid for, without lying about having visited the property or committing fraud by signing someone else’s name. If you can’t deliver the service you’ve promised at the price you charge, then you should increase your prices instead of telling customers to “get real”. Your customers aren’t the enemy, they’re the reason you’re able to stay in business.

  19. Renee says:

    new Zealand couriers the guy from wellsford returns packages when he doesn’t like someone. we ordered from Australia AND HE KEEPS RETURNING PARCELS, every other courier company delivers the goods but he doesn’t, sort him out or hire someone that doesn’t have dimensia

  20. Veronica says:

    My beef with NZ Couriers is just about poor business practice. You choose to have something couriered to you for the convenience and safety. I have just received a calling card from NZ Couriers, so I go online to get it redelivered and what do I discover? I can only get it redelivered if I agree to let the driver leave it without a signature! Well I don’t trust them, so why would I say you can leave $100′s worth of concert tickets on my back doorstep. So now I am getting in my car to drive 40 minutes to pick up my package. I can think of no other situation where you hand over money for a service you know you have little chance of receiving. I hate NZ Couriers.

  21. JJ says:

    I am also going through the he said she said stuff they said they had delivered two of my parcels yea right one was fraudulently signed they couldnt spell because they spelt the name wrong and the other was dropped off to another house/street my address was clearly printed on the package

  22. Nick says:

    I paid for a next day Saturday delivery from Auckland to central Chch.Cost me $77.00 for a small parcel and low and behold it doesn’t get delivered on Saturday. How can a company charge for a service they don’t deliver on. Very frustrating. I have a small business sending about 30-40 parcels a week.I will be avoiding New Zealand couriers at all costs.

  23. HN says:

    Unfortunately the forging of signatures by drivers seems to be common practice among courier companies. I’ve had three packages delivered home this week, all with different companies (NZ Couriers, Fastway and CourierPost), all of which was meant to be signed for. One was left on the doorstep, one in the mailbox and one just handed over without signature, but when checking their online tracking information I am meant to have signed all of them.

    In the end the quality of the delivery will be up to the individual drivers, but the companies should also make an effort to stop this and not just look the other way.
    If a signature so much more hassle for the drivers this should be reflected in the cost of the service as well which should ensure that “signature required” is only used when needed and that the driver gets payed for the extra effort as well.

  24. Manaaki Ohia says:

    I recently had a negative encounter with NZ couriers. I was tracking a parcel from a shopping company, which my local branch had received. But had sent back to the sender because apparently my address was insufficient. I have numerous parcels sent to this address and I had double checked that the address was correct. But now I have to pay additional shipping fees because the Nz couriers branch made a mistake! When I rung them, they denied my parcel ever arriving even though it clearly states that had on the tracking information. Now I have to waste more money to get it delievered again!

  25. Heather Dewar says:

    Just had this happen today – sent a very angry email to them, wonder what their response will be

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